Found by Dr Shirley Cheung in July 2000, Sau San Tong is a top-notch beauty and slimming institute in Hong Kong. In 2003, the brand became the first company which provides slimming and beauty products and services (stock code 8200) listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. With professional beauty and slimming technologies as well as quality personalized services, we have all-along maintained our outstanding reputation of “zero” complaints within the industry. Through the help of Sau San Tong, more and more of our clients, be they showbiz stars or ordinary customers, have got their appearance improved and found their more beautiful selves. Most importantly, they have become more confident towards life and work.
The outstanding achievements of Sau San Tong in the past 13 years, rapid growth of the mainland beauty and slimming market, lack of safeguards and insufficient governance in the industry have altogether attracted many imitated versions throughout China. Worse still, those imitations were mostly marketed and operated with the name of Dr. Shirley Cheung. In view of the copyright issue, Dr. Cheung has decided to establish "張玉珊修身堂" (the brand of a franchising store) by incorporating her name into the brand found by her. Through promoting the entirely new brand name, Dr Cheung wished to fully expand the franchise market in the mainland. While stressing the uniqueness and authenticity of Sau San Tong to the market and consumers, Dr Cheung also hoped to influence and realize people’s career goals by bringing infinite career opportunities for individuals in China who are interested in the beauty industry. Since December 2010, the brand has started to expand its franchises in the mainland. Until now, over 110 franchise shops are operating in 77 cities from 25 provinces in China. As one of the fastest growing beauty and slimming chains in China, Sau San Tong by Shirley Cheung is indeed the leader in the industry.