Benefits of Joining

Six Reasons for Choosing Sau San Tong by Shirley Cheung

1.   Strong branding capability;
2.   The slimming and beauty institute most sought after by showbiz stars;
3.   Professional marketing support team;
4.   Specially designed training courses for staff of franchisees in the mainland market, which effectively raise the operating standard and service quality;
5.   Dedicated to developing effective and quality products that make beauty last;
6.   Introduction of overseas high-tech equipment, which satisfy our customers’ beauty and slimming needs in all dimensions.

Career Advantages

  • Over the past few years, the numerous awards obtained by Sau San Tong have proven its outstanding service quality and developed a public image of “Excellence, Eminence, and Reliability”;

  • As one of the leaders in the market, Sau San Tong is always one step ahead of others. By staying at the forefront according to market trends and using the most advanced and innovative medical technologies, we have developed safe and effective products to meet customers’ needs;

  • Being innovative is the key to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers. In this regard, Sau San Tong is devoted to constantly bringing revolutionary products, treatment and services to the market. Supported by the real cases and testimonials from stars and other clients, you can see the creation of slimness and beauty. Meanwhile, our strict code of practice and flexible incentive mechanism has helped us to create a strong and professional management team. Our team members with rich professional experience, apart from delivering quality and attentive service to our valued clients, is also a major reason for Sau San Tong to attain its stunning achievements, high popularity and remarkable reputation in the past decade.